Eurovision 2022 party ideas to make the musical night even more fun with friends

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The time-honoured tradition of having your friends, neighbours, colleagues (or whoever you fancy) over for Eurovision and judging the various acts and their costumes is back once more.

The long-established singing competition will host its Grand Final on Saturday, May 14, 2022. But you may want to take your evening to next level, rather than just watching TV in a group.

If you’re planning to host a party, here are some ideas to keep your guests entertained.

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Dress up as a country

To kick start the fun to your evening, ask each guest to come as a country of their choosing and dress appropriately. The potential for cultural appropriation could spoil the evening, so make sure that everyone is dressed civilised and all will be fine.

If you’re worried about causing offence, you could dress up as a previous Eurovision act or winner from years gone by. Swedish legends ABBA or Lordi from 2006 could be fun, if you’re struggling for ideas.

Eurovision themed food

Mix it up with differing European foods

If you’re wanting to be extra, you can buy and serve up Italian food as the competition is being hosted in Turin this year. From pizzas to pasta to gelato, the possibilities are endless – you’ll feel like you’re in Italy in no time.

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of Italian cuisine, you can always mix it up with European foods. Without going for obvious British staples such as sausage rolls – there’s a real selection of differing culinary histories to choose from.

Play Eurovision drinking games

Here are some ideas to keep your guests entertained
Here are some ideas to keep your guests entertained

This can be suitable for anyone and their preferred drinking preferences. All you need to do is create numerous rules to keep your guests sipping away at their beverages.

Rules ideas include:

  • Drink each time an act wears feathers
  • Drink each time there is a glitter cannon
  • Drink each time there is a song about love

You can also create your own Bingo card, where you cross off things you see during the night. This should be done with your guests at the start of the night to ensure that everyone is involved.

Get the karaoke out

It wouldn’t be a proper Eurovision party if there wasn’t any singing involved would it? So get the microphones out and choose the cheesiest song to sing along to with your friends.

It’s easy to judge the other Eurovision acts, so why not have some of your guests as critics and they can channel their inner Simon Cowell. Best karaoke act can win a prize – you decide the rules.

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