Hartley Hawks boys, ladies groups take pleasure in unforgettable seasons

Equally the Hartley boys and girls soccer groups confirmed that they had been on to something special in 2020, and things went even much better this slide. 

All through the next period for the boys under Justin Alexander and the next for the women beneath Jenn Heinmiller, equally listed successful Division II district titles among their accomplishments. 

Every staff also defeated DeSales during the common time, with the women winning 1- on Sept. 16 and the boys 2-1 on Sept. 14. The girls also defeated the Stallions in 2020 just after losing the preceding 5 conferences, though it was the very first victory over DeSales in plan background for the boys.

“Proud” was how Heinmiller felt about her team’s operate to a regional semifinal, the place it shed 1- to Cincinnati Wyoming on Nov. 2 at Beavercreek to end 12-6-2.