Hickory Creek pupils amazed by magic present

Rick Smith Jr. was full of tips when he carried out a magic exhibit Monday at Hickory Creek Elementary.

Smith showed his is proficient at slicing a piece of celery by throwing an standard actively playing card at it. 

He made 2nd-grade trainer Lara Kate Miller jump when he held a match under the chair of a student and claimed Mrs. Miller could come to feel the ache. “It was warm,” she reported.

A person of his extra interesting methods came when he pulled student Trent Farra from the group and requested him to decide on a card. He then requested Trent to give him random quantities which he punched into his cellphone to make a connect with.

A gentleman answered and pretty much hung up. Smith asked him to make sure you continue to be on the line, that this was not a fraud and he was in fact, at this really second, aspect of his magic show. 

Smith requested the guy on the cellphone to guess the card Trent was keeping in his hand.

“I have no notion what card he’s holding,” the guy replied.

Explained Smith, “Just take a wild guess.”

The person guessed the 4 of Spades, a guess which sent Trent into shock due to the fact he was keeping the 4 of Spades.

Smith dazzled the group with a selection of tips, which include his potential to flick a playing card the length of the Hickory Creek health club. 

Smith informed the audience he’s appeared on “Shark Tank” and he posted a YouTube movie that is received in excess of 90 million views. To discover him on social media, search Rick Smith Jr.