“They commenced a full-scale war and act as if we are to blame,” Zelensky claims in Sunday tackle

Business of the President of Ukraine

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed his country Sunday, calling Ukrainians “the bravest men and women of the most effective country in the globe.”

“We are coming to an conclude of yet another 7 days,” Zelensky reported in his speech, which he has provided routinely during Russia’s assault on the place. “Our combat for independence, for the condition. Another 7 days that Ukraine stayed alive, irrespective of all the initiatives of Russia to demolish us. We are battling. We are defending. We are repelling the attacks.”

Zelensky explained the country is executing all it can to acquire the war and accused Russian leadership of “lying” in efforts to change the blame away from them.

“When cowardice grows, everything turns into disaster,” he ongoing. “When folks really do not have the braveness to identify their faults and apologize, to conform to reality, and to see that they are turning into monsters.”

The Ukrainian president said Russia has missing contact with reality, performing as aggressors still blaming Ukraine for the actions committed by Russian troops, which includes the killings in Bucha, the missile strike on the practice station in Kramatorsk, and “each individual destroyed city and burnt village.” 

“They have destroyed the lives of tens of millions. They started a total-scale war and act as if we are to blame for this,” Zelensky ongoing. 

He additional Russia, fearing defeat, will start a lot more whole-scale fight steps in Ukraine’s east. 

“But we are prepared,” the president stated, promising Ukraine will guarantee it has sufficient weapons and demand stronger sanctions versus Russia so that justice will be served.

Moments prior to his tackle, Zelensky explained he honored “18 defenders of Ukraine” — which includes customers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Special Communications Company and police officers — for their heroism. He also thanked the journalists sharing the reality of what is unfolding in the state.

“The truth will gain and Ukraine will get,” Zelensky said. “This is for specified. Glory to Ukraine.”