This Final Fantasy XIV songs video is going to make you cry

Nowadays, Sq. Enix released the songs video clip for “Flow,” one particular of the most important topic songs of Ultimate Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and good friends, it’s a doozy. If you have perform to do or require to be successful in any way currently, do not, and I cannot strain this adequate, view this tunes movie.

I have currently shed 50 percent of my body’s dampness in tears. It was cathartic and required and so quite considerably on time. And, for as a great deal as I do not value attempting to see as a result of a curtain of drinking water that just don’t seem to be to conclude, I deeply and truly value this music video’s potential to just get me to stop and feel.

Lifestyle, appropriate now, is not standard. Persons are dying of a ailment we do not appear to be to care sufficient about to stop. Men and women can not find the money for to stay persons cannot find the money for to feed their infants and people today can’t manage to phase out into the planet without the need of worry of being murdered by armed white supremacists who we also really do not seem to be to care plenty of about to quit. This is not standard! And however, the mechanisms of capitalism make it these kinds of that we should continue acting as however all the things is fantastic and wonderful and all right in get to maintain residing.

I know that if I acquire a minute to imagine about what took place to my people in Buffalo —people with names like my more mature aunts, uncles, and grandmothers — I will lie down in grief and not get back again up once more. So, in purchase to preserve likely, I switched off. But together arrives this silly online video match with these phony people who necessarily mean nothing at all in the grand cosmic scale of the world saying, “Welcome and effectively satisfied my courageous little spark,” and each individual emotion that I have heretofore have experimented with to deny myself just to continue to keep dwelling bubbled up and out, and it feels so unhappy but so fantastic that I have no words and phrases for it. I needed that reminder of my humanity. I wanted Hydaelyn’s concept in the tune that in essence says, “It’s all right, brave one particular, I’ve got you.”

The factor that continuously receives me about Endwalker, why it’s the most effective MMO working experience a single can have right now, is that it has this nuanced, experienced conception of the cessation of lifestyle. Compared with most movie games, it does not take care of death as an evil to conquer but as a frequent companion to lifetime — without having trivializing the trauma of dying itself. In “Flow,” dying is a light and sweet rest that arrives at the close of a attractive journey. And nevertheless it is not without having sadness, death really should under no circumstances be achieved with despair.

Hush, appreciate, close your eyes, and in sleep abide
As sun’s distant light, echoes down to dreams, underneath
Know you will wake, on winds increase yet again
For this journey’s close is but just one move ahead to tomorrow

All of Ultimate Fantasy XIV’s new music are bangers — from “Solutions” to “Dragonsong” and “Shut in the Length,” but “Flow” is exclusive. I have nothing but reverence and awe for the emotion contained in Masayoshi Soken’s piano, Natsuko Ishikawa and Kathryn Cwynar’s lyrics, and Amanda Achen’s vocals. Give it a listen when you get the chance, but make confident you block out your plan. You may well be crying for a though.